We go to the movies to give our eyes a treat, to see something amazing and dazzling, and to walk away exhaling, "Woah."

At least that's the experience we all hope for when we go see an action or sci-fi film, and if that's what you're craving this weekend, then Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" is right up your alley. The film is packed with mind-blowing visuals that are sure to satisfy any special effects aficionado.

To get ready for "Pacific Rim," we're looking back at the films that left us with our mouths open and eyes wide at the stunning images on screen. From the technological achievements of Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" to the jarring special effects in "The Matrix: Reloaded," take a look at the movie visuals we love the most.Keanu Reeves, The Matrix: Reloaded
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