David Spade, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Grown Ups 2Sony

Randomly throwing a bunch of comedians together in a film can come off as nothing but a sad attempt at humor. Such was the case with the first "Grown Ups." However, we're hoping "Grown Ups 2," which opens this weekend, will offer a few more laughs.

But just in case it doesn't we can always look back at each cast member's history of funny movie moments. From Adam Sandler's raunchy '90s comedies to Chris Rock's unforgettable satire roles, there's a whole canon of hilarious when it comes to the guys of "Grown Ups 2."

Below, enjoy the funniest movie moments of the four lead actors -- Sandler, Rock, David Spade, Kevin James -- plus two other comedy favorites who show up in the movie.

'Grown Ups 2' Unscripted - Nicknames
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