January Jones at the 2013 Sundance Film FestivalDanny Moloshok/Invision/AP

January Jones ditches her "Mad Men" trappings in "Sweetwater," a crazy-looking Western about a woman hell-bent on revenge.

Jones plays Sarah, a beautiful widow whose signature look is a bright purple dress, a painted face, and a smoking revolver in her hand. After her husband is killed by a neighboring religious nutjob named Prophet Josiah, Sarah sets all her stuff on fire (or so we can assume from this trailer) and gets cracking on her mission to hunt down and kill everyone involved.

Ed Harris also stars as the new sheriff in town. He's got unorthodox methods and a shady past, but who doesn't? There's definitely something wrong with Josiah (Jason Isaacs) and his merry band of acolytes, and Sarah has her own colorful past, too.

Originally known as "Sweet Vengeance," "Sweetwater" has a kooky, pulpy vibe to the trailer, complete with stylized credits and plenty of bullet holes. (Which is to say, yes, the trailer is violent.)

Twin brothers Logan and Noah Miller wrote and directed the film, which premiered at Sundance. "We wondered if audiences are going to accept that January just takes out everybody, even people who only slightly wronged her," Logan told Entertainment Weekly. "So far, the audiences have been enthusiastic, cheering when she kills the first guy."

"Sweetwater" doesn't have a U.S. distributor or release date as of yet, but maybe this eye-catching trailer will change that.

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