Girl Most Likely- Clip No.1Kinky Kristen? Not so much.

In an exclusive clip from "Girl Most Likely," the latest comedy starring Kristen Wiig, the funnywoman has a hilariously awkward conversation with her mother, played by Annette Bening.

The film follows Imogene (Wiig), a playwright who fakes suicide to get the attention of her ex only to end up in an even worse position: living with her gambler mother Zelda (Bening). Bening is dating a seemingly pathological liar who goes by the name George Bush (Matt Dillion) and renting out Imogene's old bedroom to young charmer Lee (Darren Criss).

In this clip, Imogene confronts her mom about the noises coming from her room the night before. Let's just say Zelda is more adventurous in the bedroom, but Imogene just isn't feeling it.

Check out the clip above. "Girl Most Likely" spanks into theaters July 19.