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What's It About? Brian Helgeland's biopic tells the story of baseball great Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) and the legendary manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford. Rickey made history by breaking baseball's color line in 1946 and signing Robinson, while Number 42 went on to made history on the field.
Why We're IN: While Helgeland's film is in no way groundbreaking, it is still a dedicated and endearing tribute to two great heroes of American sports. Boseman, an unknown to the big screen, stands out for his commendable portrayal of Robinson, and Ford gives one of his best performances in years.

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"Lord of the Flies"Criterion Collection
What's It About? InPeter Brooks' 1963 ("King Lear") adaptation of William Golding's novel, a group of schoolboys get shipwrecked on an island and youthful leadership turns to savagery and tyranny.
Why We're IN: A classic novel as visually and emotionally powerful as Golding's is a hard one to successfully brings to the big screen, however Brooks does it flawlessly. Brooks' recreates the raw intensity and battling tensions of the book in this classic film that's a must see even if you don't know the book.

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"Bullet to the Head"
What's It About? In "Bullet to the Head" a New Orleans hitman (Sylvester Stallone) and a Washington D.C. detective (Sung Kang) team up to take down the killers of their partners. Nothing says cliche more than this Stallone film, which is a fun ride if you're feeling nostalgic for a cheesy 80s action flick. Otherwise, pass on this macho-bursting gun fest that is just as hackneyed as its title.

What's It About?
Ex-CIA agent Ben Logan (Aaron Eckhart) and his daughter are forced on the run when his employers erase all his records and mark the two for termination as a part of an international conspiracy. Phillipp Stolzl's ("North Face") forgettable thriller is a mere knockoff of the "Taken" franchise and unfortunately offers nothing new to the overdone storyline.
IN or OUT: OUT. "Evil Dead"
What's It About? While we would usually pass at the mere words 'horror remake,' Fede Alvarez's remake of revisits 1981 cult classic "Evil Dead" isn't so bad after all. The film follows the same story of a group of 20-somethings who discover a Book of the Dead in a cabin only to get killed off one by one. While Alvarez's remake doesn't carry with it the DIY, campy nature that is loved so much about the original, it nonetheless is a fun gore fest that's entertaining at best.
IN or OUT: IN.

"Solomon Kane"
What's It About? Michael Bassett's ("Silent Hill: Revelation 3D") action-fantasy follows Solomon Kane (James Purefoy), a 16th Century killer who renounces violence after discovering his soul is bound for hell. While the film hardly overcomes familiar action cliches, it maintains exactly what it purports to be: a blood-gushing adventure that fuses the supernatural with the grotesque reality of its time. If nothing monumental or innovated is expected, "Soloman Kane" will prove a decent, enjoyable adventure.
IN or OUT: IN.

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"Black Sabbath"
What's It About? This 1963 film from Italian horror director Mario Bava is a trilogy of three chilling stories including a woman who gets a phone call from a grave, a vampire played by Boris Karloff, and a woman who steals a ring from a corpse. While the tales of the women are uneven, the middle segment starring Karloff is by far the standout which will creep you out even today. "Black Sabbath" is a great addition to any horror aficionado's collection.
IN or OUT: IN.

"Jackie Chan: 'Battle Creek Brawl' / 'City Hunter'"
What's It About? This Jackie Chan double feature includes the 1980 "Battle Creek Brawl" (also known as "The Big Brawl") about street fighting, and 1993's "City Hunter" an action comedy about a private investigator. While both films are full of early Chan's signature moves and goofy humor, they are undeniably bad. This is no double feature for a serious martial arts fan, but would possibly be a fun addition to a Chan devotee.
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