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When promoting an upcoming film, most actors make the standard appearance on late-night talk shows, discussing the project and offering a preview clip of their performance. Kristen Wiig is not most actors.

The wacky comedienne chose a wholly unique route to tout the opening of her new movie, "Girl Most Likely," showing up to "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" in costume -- and mostly in character -- as basketball legend Michael Jordan. Wearing a No. 23 jersey, Air Jordans, and the worst-fitting bald cap known to man, the actress strutted out dribbling (and promptly dropping and kicking) a basketball, and then sat down to chat with Fallon about Jordan's endorsements ("I'm wearing my own shoes!" Jordan/Wiig exclaimed) and brief baseball career.

"You look different in person," Fallon said, holding back laughter. " ... The opposite of taller."

When Fallon quizzed Wiig about some of Jordan's past basketball milestones, the actress played along as best she could, at one point calling the Cleveland Cavaliers the Rockets, "because they're so fast." The pair eventually ended the goofy interview by singing what Fallon referred to as Jordan's signature song, with Wiig struggling to improvise lyrics about Jordan's life -- "When I was a little boy, I thought, 'I'm gonna do a lot of things.' And I did!" -- and the duo eventually breaking into an impromptu version of the Daft Punk hit "Get Lucky."

Though Wiig doesn't once break character or mention her new movie in the following clips, she did reemerge later on the show -- as herself -- to talk it up. The film opens Friday.

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