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Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn blew up in 2011 with his unforgettable film "Drive." Not only did the movie garner mainstream attention for starring Ryan Gosling, it also received praise for its unique style and absolutely insane violence.

The Danish director has an angling for what he calls silent cinema -- long stretches with scarce dialogue and little action -- only to surprise you down the road with intense bursts of blood. This juxtaposition has become Refn's signature and is once again on display in his latest film, "Only God Forgives." The movie, which hits theaters this Friday (July 19), shows characters using everything from a shaving razor to hair chopsticks to execute acts of violence, all for a bloody, hair-raising effect.

Many directors have proven to be gore aficionados; Quentin Tarantino is regarded as the virtuoso of violence, with his blood-squirting fetish and savage death scenes. Yet Refn proposes a different kind of violence in his movies, one that isn't as hyperbolic and campy as Tarantino's aims to be. Oftentimes, it's more brutal and more shocking.

Below are 10 reasons Refn has earned the title "Most Violent Filmmaker." Take a read, and then prepare your stomach for "Only God Forgives," starring Ryan Gosling, opening July 19.

WARNING: The scenes below depict extreme violence. Watch at your own discretion.

WARNING #2: Seriously, these scenes are SUPER violent.

Only God Forgives -Trailer No.1