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The years-in-the-making documentary "Dear Mr. Watterson: An Exploration of Calvin & Hobbes" finally has a release date, and with it, a new trailer.

The clip explores the meteoric rise in popularity of the comic strip "Calvin & Hobbes," which ran from 1985 to 1995, and its creator, Bill Watterson, who filmmakers and talking heads credit with helping raise the profile of comics from previously dismissed silly drawings to serious artistic expression. While the doc is a loving ode to the comic, it may suffer a bit from Watterson's lack of participation, as the artist is notorious for avoiding publicity and interviews.

Still, filmmakers do their best to fill in the gaps Watterson himself might have better covered through their extensive interviews with fans of the series and other cartoonists. One fan admits to stealing an early book compilation of the comics because she wanted it so badly; another says he taught himself to speak English by reading about Calvin and his imaginary tiger friend.

"The guy's making it harder for the rest of us, because he's setting ridiculous standards of excellence," recalled Berkeley Breathed, creator of the "Bloom County" comic strip.

"Dear Mr. Watterson" appears to be a true love letter to "Calvin"'s creator. It opens in theaters on November 15, and will also be available that same day on VOD.

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