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Johnny Knoxville is growing old -- very old -- for the next "Jackass" movie.

Knoxville is set to reprise his foul-mouthed, troublemaking senior citizen character in "Jackass: Bad Grandpa" this fall, according to Variety. Paramount has set an official release date of October 25 for the fourth movie in the "Jackass" series, which pushes "Paranormal Activity 5" to January.

Paramount has been trying to get a sequel going ever since "Jackass 3D" broke records when it opened in October 2010 (it's still the second-biggest October opening ever).

Knoxville had previously proclaimed "absolutely no" to a "Jackass 4," though Steve-O said it was still "possible." Clearly, Knoxville changed his mind, and "Jackass" cast member Bam Margera hinted as far back as last year that the next movie would focus on the grandpa, Irving Zisman -- a character Knoxville plays by donning heavy makeup and prosthetics.

Check out a clip of Knoxville as the bad grandpa:

[via Variety]
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