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Marlon Brando could've been a contender to star in "Rebel Without a Cause" instead of James Dean.

Reddit dug up Brando's 1947 screen test for the groundbreaking teen angst film, though Indiewire points out that the test was done eight years before the release of the Nicholas Ray-directed movie. What's more, the script from the test wasn't the one that eventually got filmed.

Still, it's interesting to ponder what might've been had Brando inhabited Dean's iconic role. In the following clip, the 23-year-old Brando displays the raw magnetism that made him a superstar in movies like "On the Waterfront" and "A Streetcar Named Desire" (the screen test is included on the latter's 2006 DVD edition).

But, of course, a Brando-starring version of "Rebel Without a Cause" never came to pass. Instead, the script was rewritten, and young Hollywood heartthrob Dean was tapped to play troubled teen Jim Stark.

While Brando enjoyed a long and successful career, living to age 80, Dean's life was tragically cut short in 1955 -- the same year "Rebel Without a Cause" launched the 24-year-old's star.

[via Reddit h/t Indiewire]
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