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Add Neill Blomkamp to the "I was asked to direct the new 'Star Wars' movie but turned it down" camp. The "Elysium" director revealed in a recent interview that he was approached to work on "Episode 7," but chose to focus on original projects instead.

Blomkamp divulged that detail and more in a lengthy interview with Wired magazine, where he also discussed his work on a sequel to his breakout feature debut "District 9," as well as two other upcoming projects.

While delving into the dissolution of Blomkamp's onetime planned film adaptation of the "Halo" video game series, the article noted that the director is "still highly resistant to the idea of adapting someone else's work -- particularly a beloved franchise with high expectations to live up to." That's part of the reason Blomkamp "turned down the possibility of working on a new 'Star Wars' movie," the article said, "after the subject was 'gingerly' broached by 'Elysium' producer and close friend Simon Kinberg, who's deeply involved in the revitalized franchise."

Preferring to immerse himself in a world of his own making, Blomkamp is instead currently focusing on three very different self-penned projects. One, called "Chappie," which he's writing with his wife and "District 9" co-writer Terri Tatchell, is due to start shooting in September. The film is about sentience, and Blomkamp describes it as "touching. But, you know, fraught with gunfire."

Another film, "Mild Oats," is set to be a low-budget movie "somewhere between John Waters and 'Jackass,'" though that project is only in the idea stage. Blomkamp is channelling most of his energy into "Chappie," and he and Tatchell are also hard at work on a "District 9" follow-up called "District 10," for which they've already written an 18-page treatment. The director was tight-lipped about the plot, except to say it was "really fucking cool," though he admitted it isn't a huge priority at the moment.

All in all, it sounds like Blomkamp has some great work up his sleeve. His latest film, "Elysium," opens August 9.

[via Wired h/t /Film]
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