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You can't get much faster or more furious than the heated rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda in the 1970s.

As Chris Hemsworth, who plays Hunt, says in a new trailer for Ron Howard's racing drama "Rush," "More powerful than even the fear of death itself is the will to win."

"Rush" follows Hunt's transformation from womanizing playboy to racing champion. At the beginning of the new trailer, he's seen seducing a very pretty nurse (Natalie Dormer). "James can be a loose cannon, but in terms of raw talent, there is no better driver in the world," a character notes.

But Hunt's need for speed brings him into conflict with Austrian driver Lauda (Daniel Brühl), who nearly dies in a crash. When Lauda recovers, he returns to battle Hunt for the 1976 F1 world championship. Which man will cross the finish line first -- if either survives at all?

Olivia Wilde also stars in "Rush," which zooms into theaters September 27.

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