Robert Downey Jr. and Channing TatumAP

It's been a long, hard row to hoe for Robert Downey Jr., but he's on top of the world these days -- especially when it comes to his paychecks.

Forbes has released its annual list of Hollywood's highest paid actors, and RDJ takes the number-one spot, having unseated last year's leading man Tom Cruise. According to the mag, the star behind the "Iron Man" mask earned $75 million from June 2012 to June 2013. His ongoing role as Tony Stark in the Marvel franchise -- and hardball negotiations for an "Iron Man 4" -- makes it likely he'll stay near the top of this list in years to come.

Meanwhile, Channing Tatum (otherwise known as Channing Tate-yum) has come a long way from his "Step Up" days. He earned $60 million over the past 12 months, thanks to the success of Steven Soderbergh's "Magic Mike," among other savvy investments.

And where would we be without number three, Hugh Jackman? Jackman worked hard for his $55 million, with gigs on Broadway, his role in "Les Miserables," and his continued involvement in the ever-popular "X-Men" and "Wolverine" franchises. He also co-owns Laughing Man Worldwide, a venture that invests "100 percent of its profits to assist community development and entrepreneurial education."

The rest of the top 10 list is made up of actors who raked in over $30 million in the past year: Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, and Liam Neeson. Notably missing from the list are Johnny Depp and Will Smith, whose big budget blockbusters fell short of expectations.

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Robert Downey Jr. Pretty Much Crushed It In 2013