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Matt Damon seems like the perfect fit for a character determined to break into a luxurious utopian society and kick some wealthy ass in "Elysium." Yet stop for a moment and imagine a rapper in his shoes instead.

Apparently Damon wasn't writer-director Neil Blomkamp's first or second choice for the role of Max, an Earth-bound man fighting to be cured of cancer. According to Wired, Blomkamp had South African rapper Ninja from the group Die Antwoord in mind for Max. Although Ninja is a huge fan of Blomkamp's directorial debut "District 9" -- he has the characters tattooed inside his lip -- he turned down the part, claiming he didn't want his first acting gig to be as an American in a high-profile film.

Yet Blomkamp still wanted a Max with a hip-hop past, the Wired profile continues, so he contacted Eminem for the part. The Detroit rapper was apparently interested, but would only do the film if it was shot in his hometown. While Detroit may have worked to depict the Earth slums of "Elysium," Blomkamp ended up shooting in Mexico City instead.

Eventually Blomkamp retired his desire for a streetwise lead and offered the part to Damon in a New York diner. While Damon's a much more practical star, we can't help but wonder what the Hulk Suit would've looked like on one of those rappers.

[via Wired h/t Rolling Stone, The Guardian]

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