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A new trailer for Ridley Scott's upcoming neo noir thriller "The Counselor" amps up the tension, promising plenty of sex and violence.

The clip opens with Michael Fassbender slipping a giant diamond ring on Penelope Cruz's finger, pledging, "I intend to love you until I die."

"Me first," Cruz demurs, in a response that's both sickly sweet and dread-inducing, foreshadowing a likely terrible end for one or both of the lovers. Fassbender plays a lawyer who gets caught up in a drug deal with Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt, and judging by the ominous threats he receives in the clip, the deal doesn't exactly go well.

Aside from a few glimpses of Cameron Diaz's leopard-print back tattoo and shots of car windows being smashed in, there isn't too much new in the way of plot details on display in this trailer. Still, the film looks absolutely gorgeous, and the ambiguity adds intrigue. Plus, we're dying to know what's happening with Bardem's hair.

Written by novelist Cormac McCarthy ("No Country for Old Men"), "The Counselor" is due out October 25.

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