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Ryan Gosling doesn't seem the type to get jealous or have his feelings hurt easily, but when it comes to director Nicolas Winding Refn, the actor is quite the softie.

The two have an interesting (and kind of adorable) relationship, which Refn refuses to label a bromance. After the critical success of "Drive," the two teamed up again for "Only God Forgives," in which Gosling plays Julian, a boxing-club manager and drug smuggler. In a behind-the-scenes clip from the film (via Mashable), Gosling shows that he doesn't want to share Refn -- not with anyone.

In the following footage, Refn is directing a Bangkok police officer on intimidating Gosling's silent, yet serious Julian. Refn encourages the Thai actor, saying, "You look so good on camera. You were born for cinema, so just remember that." Gosling stares intently at Refn, then jokes, "You never told me I was born for cinema," and shrugs as he walks away.

Maybe all Gosling needed to make his critically panned Julian better was a little more encouragement. Check out the video below, and someone please start making jealous Ryan Gosling memes and Vines.

[via Mashable]

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