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For months now, Nicolas Cage was considered all but a lock to appear in "The Expendables 3," with Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer telling media outlets that the studio was in "advanced negotiations" with the star. Now comes word from Cage himself that those negotiations have been nonexistent.

"I have not had any formal discussions about ['Expendables 3']," Cage said in a recent interview, per Screen Rant. "I'm not in 'Kick-Ass 2' and I don't think I'm in 'Expendables 3.' And I like those guys [Sylvester Stallone, etc.], but I would say it would be highly unlikely that I'd be in that movie."

That's a pretty strong denial from Cage. So was Feltheimer embellishing the truth a bit when he made those statements to the press back in May? Or is Cage being, well, cagey? Until we hear from Feltheimer again, it's hard to say.

What we really need is some confirmation from series star Sylvester Stallone. He's taken to Twitter quite a few times to comment on casting rumors about the franchise, most recently stirring speculation that Mel Gibson could be joining the film. Here's hoping he has something to say to clear up the Cage confusion soon.

"The Expendables 3" is set to begin production in late August or early September. Its release is set for August 15, 2014.

[via Screen Rant]
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