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Many actors dream of getting a call from Woody Allen (or, really, having their agent get a call from Woody Allen). So imagine Louis C.K.'s reaction upon learning that the legendary director wants to do a buddy movie with him.

All the comedian hoped for while filming Allen's newest release, "Blue Jasmine," was to come away with "a little Woody moment" -- but he got a lot more than that when Allen approached him about acting together in another movie the following summer.

"He said, 'I'll go work on it,' and that's the last I talked to him. I thought to myself, Never tell anybody that this happened," Louis C.K. revealed to the New York Times in an interview about his recent Emmy nominations for his FX show, "Louie."

But word got out -- from Allen himself. In a separate interview with the Times, published the day before the Emmy nominations were announced, the 77-year-old Oscar-winning director gushed, "I'd love to do a movie with [Louis C.K.] and me, a comedy. I'm looking for some idea that would work, for the two of us to do ... I'm such a great fan of his."

Louis C.K. was relieved to learn he wasn't the leak. "I was like, Thank God I don't have to keep it a secret anymore," he said, adding, "Who knows if it'll ever happen? It's his artistic whim that determines that, but of course I'd love to do it. It would be really cool and fun, but it all starts in his head."

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