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"Schindler's List" is an Oscar-winning film from Steven Spielberg about the Holocaust, centered on the real-life story of one man, Oskar Schindler, who saved over a thousand Polish-Jewish refugees destined for the death camps by employing them as industrial workers in his factories. Schindler's actual list, of which there are four copies in existence, is a 14-page memo with the names of those refugees.

Given that it's one of the most important documents from World War II and the Holocaust, two of the copies are located in Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust museum, while a third is housed at Washington, D.C.'s Holocaust Memorial Museum. The fourth copy? Well, that's to be determined, now that it's up for bidding on eBay.

According to the New York Post, a pair of California collectors, Gary Zimet and Eric Ganzin, are selling the historical document -- whose value, both monetarily and in terms of the scope of the human experience, is priceless -- on behalf of the owner, who bought it for an undisclosed sum.

So, why eBay, the online auction site where we purchased a complete collection of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" commemorative plates? According to Gazin, it's the ideal venue because "it has over 100 million worldwide members, and this is a global story." Um, right.

Bidding on the list began last night, for a mere $3 million. So far there have been no biters, even though Zimet and Ganzin think they can rustle up at least $5 million for the artifact. Because, you know, history.

There are a number of thorny moral and ethical questions that selling something like this online raises, mainly: What kind of person would do this? Also: Who is bidding on it online? (Answer: as of now, no one.) And finally: How does one stumble across a page for this kind of thing on eBay?

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