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Louis C.K. makes a pretty convincing Woody Allen stand-in in "Blue Jasmine," the bespectacled director's latest movie.

Vulture has a clip from the film featuring C.K. and Sally Hawkins, who take a post-coital stroll along the beach and discuss their mutual attraction. C.K. stammers as he assures Hawkins that she's not "easy," while professing himself to be "easygoing by nature" -- a less-than-believable pronouncement that Hawkins nonetheless seems to buy.

Though short, the scene is sweet -- the pet word Hawkins uses for C.K. -- and shows a much more vulnerable, romantic side to the "Louie" comedian than we're used to seeing in his stand-up. Bobby Cannavale plays C.K.'s rival for Hawkins's affections, so expect some awkward interactions between the two suitors.

"Blue Jasmine" stars Cate Blanchett as Hawkins's disgraced Manhattan socialite sister, who comes to live with Hawkins in San Francisco. The star-studded cast also includes Alec Baldwin and Peter Sarsgaard.

The movie opens in New York and Los Angeles on July 26.

[via Vulture]
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