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When it comes to the movies, the biggest anxiety for teenagers isn't scoring well on the SAT or passing their driver's test -- it's sex.

In the new comedy "The To Do List," Aubrey Plaza plays a recent high school grad on a singular mission to lose her virginity before going away to college. She has her sights set on one college jock in particular and makes it her goal to study up on all the sex tips she can to give him her v-card.

Unlike most (if not all) comedies, "The To Do List" portrays a female itching to get it on, whereas the rest of movie history pretends guys are the only ones pressured by the virgin stigma. Yet regardless of gender, most movie teens go to absurd, hilarious, and even illegal extremes for a little sexploration.

While we hope you don't take sex tips from the movies too seriously (think Coach Carr from "Mean Girls"), they do provide us with entertaining examples. Check out our list of virgin DOs and DON'Ts, should you ever be an on-screen horny teen.

WARNING: Some of these videos are NSFW.

Exclusive Clip: 'The To Do List'
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