'Veronica Mars' Movie at Comic-Con 2013Kevin Winter/Getty

Among Comic-Con's many gifts to us over the weekend was a combination behind-the-scenes documentary/highlight reel/trailer for "Veronica Mars," the big-screen adaptation of the cult UPN/CW series of the same time. And it has us very, very excited for the final product.

The first few minutes of the preview are made up of behind-the-scenes interviews and documentary footage, mostly having to do with the film's Kickstarter fundraising campaign, which covered the entire $5.7 million budget. The movie's stars -- of which there are a lot, since pretty much everyone from the show has signed on -- thank the tens of thousands of fans who chipped in, making their dream a reality. We also see a clip of some of the principles watching the Kickstarter total skyrocket, and they seem genuinely shocked and moved.

The first-look trailer itself begins with Jamie Lee Curtis (!) interrogating -- or possibly interviewing -- Veronica at a large table. "For your 18th birthday you were issued a private investigator's license," she intones, before rattling off some of Veronica's more high-profile adventures, "cases ranging from homicides to dognapping."

"You have a degree in psychology, Ms. Mars," she continues. "What do you think that says about a person?" Veronica proceeds to psychoanalyze herself, and it's just great.

We then get brought up to speed: Veronica is, in the words of her father, a "hotshot New York lawyer"; Logan still seems very much in love with her; and Weevil is married. It looks like the movie is at least partially set at the Neptune High 10-year reunion (Piz, giving a shout-out to that other feminist benchmark, says, "It really does sit on a hellmouth"), but very little is revealed as far as the movie's central mystery, most likely because they haven't been shooting for all that long.

The film will be in theaters next year -- and we can't wait.
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