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The last, carefree days of high school are ones that are hard to forget. They're often filled with memorable events (prom!), crazy antics (senior pranks!), and romantic angst (hookups! breakups!). Everything seems larger than life at the end of high school -- which is probably why so many movies set during that time feature unrealistic shenanigans.

This summer, two new movies -- "The To-Do List" and "The Spectacular Now" -- join the "school's over" genre. In one, a teen vows to lose her virginity before starting college, and in the other, a popular kid and a geek form an unlikely couple.

Maybe those things happened to you at the end of high school. But here are eight things that probably DIDN'T happen:

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The To Do List
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It's 1993, and high-school valedictorian Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) decides she needs to shed her uptight... Read More

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