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Sacha Baron Cohen has made his name as a hilarious prankster, known for over-the-top characters like Ali G and Borat, so when he joined the upcoming biopic of Queen's lead singer Freddie Mercury in 2010, it was a welcome surprise.

Unfortunately, our dreams of seeing Baron Cohen rock Mercury's trademark 'stache and tank tops have been dashed with the announcement that the Cambridge-educated actor has dropped out of the project.

According to Deadline, Baron Cohen and the remaining members of Queen couldn't agree on the tone of the film; he wanted "a gritty, R-rated tell-all," and they were gunning for something more PG. The band reportedly wasn't too thrilled with the actor's top choices for director, either, among them Oscar-winner Tom Hooper and -nominee David Fincher.

It will be hard to replace Baron Cohen with someone who looks like Freddie Mercury and has the pipes to pull off the late singer's range. Will this mean curtains for the biopic?

[via Deadline]
Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Freddie Mercury

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