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A trailer for the troubled Keanu Reeves project "47 Ronin" has finally surfaced, offering audiences their first look at the long-delayed film. Whether or not it was worth the wait depends on how much you like confusing martial arts sequences and Reeves's special brand of acting.

The movie -- plagued by reshoots, story changes, an ever-evolving release date, and a ballooning budget in the neighborhood of $225 million -- sounds like a cool enough concept. It centers on a band of 47 warriors who vow to avenge the death of their master, who was forced to perform seppuku, aka ritual suicide by disembowelment. The warriors then enlist Reeves's character to help carry out their revenge.

Reeves's samurai character is half-Japanese and half-British, but it's not clear why the 47 warriors specifically seek him out, considering he's been banished from the land. Could it be his skill with a sword that they're hoping to exploit? Perhaps it's his stamina -- the clip features Reeves facing down a female villain in the most awkward staring contest ever, and he doesn't flinch once.

All in all, it would appear that "47 Ronin" is setting itself up to be an expensive, CGI-laden disappointment in the vein of recent flops like "The Lone Ranger." But maybe Keanu and co. can prove us wrong.

"47 Ronin" opens on Christmas Day.

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