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The '90s are back! Well, in movie form that is.

This weekend, writer/director Maggie Carey will transport us back to the '90s with her new comedy "The To Do List." In the movie, Aubrey Plaza plays valedictorian Brandy, who quickly realizes after finding herself playing tonsil hockey with a local stud that she doesn't know the first thing about sex. So, like every other subject in her life, she devises a plan to study her way to the top.

Impeding her ability to simply Google all the answers is the fact that she's living in 1993. She has to actually go out and do things! The jump back 20 years also gives Carey a playground of nostalgia. If the '90s are still a bit fuzzy for you, it was a decade that was preppy, flamboyant, and grungy all at once, with styles meshing back and forth.

And, as part of the culture, filmmakers had their own ideas of what it meant for a movie to be of that era. So if "The To Do List" is going to be a film cut from the '90s cloth, here are a few of the things we'll need to see:

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The To Do List
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