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The Internet blew up when Andrew Garfield suggested the notion of a gay Spider-Man a few weeks back, leaving everyone wondering if Michael B. Jordan would be the new MJ. While the "Amazing Spider-Man" star admits he was only semi-serious, he still believes Spidey is a supporter of equality.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Garfield further explained his comments, clarifying that his personal beliefs are separate from Spider-Man. However, he also described the web-slinging icon as a color-blind superhero who stands for everyone. "Spider-Man will protect whoever needs protecting: gay, straight, black, lesbian, bisexual, transgender. He's not gonna go help the middle-class white dude before he helps the homosexual black dude!" Garfield said.

The actor added that his remarks were merely a philosophical question of "Why not?" -- and that he awaits the day when race and sexual orientation don't define a person.

We may not be seeing a love affair between Garfield and Jordan anytime soon, but at least we know there's a superhero who's an ally for everyone.

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Andrew Garfield Talks Gay Spider-Man
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