'Paranoia' Preview: Caught Between Two Corporate Titans
If there are two businessmen you don't want to get caught between, they're Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford) and Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman).

In Robert Luketic's ("21") thriller "Paranoia" Liam Hemsworth plays Adam Cassidy, an entry-level employee working for Goddard's corporation. But, as it turns out, Cassidy was really sent as a spy by Goddard's former partner and ultimate nemesis, Nicholas Wyatt (Oldman), to steal trade secrets.

In this exclusive preview (above), Goddard and Wyatt come face-to-face, with Cassidy stuck in the middle. While Goddard tries to play nice (if possible), Wyatt makes it quite clear that his agenda is to steal Cassidy for his company. The cast also includes Amber Heard (as another Goddard employee), Richard Dreyfuss (as Cassidy's father), Embeth Davidtz, and Josh Holloway.

"Paranoia" opens on August 16.