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The director and star of "Fruitvale Station" are going in a very different direction with their next project: a "Rocky" spin-off centered on the grandson of Apollo Creed.

Director Ryan Coogler will helm the project, called simply "Creed," and co-write along with Aaron Covington. His "Fruitvale" star, Michael B. Jordan, is in the early stages of talks with studio MGM to play the lead. Joining Jordan in the ring would be Rocky himself, with Sylvester Stallone set to reprise his role.

The story, an original concept from Coogler, would focus on Jordan's character, who grows up in a wealthy home thanks to his grandfather's boxing winnings. While his family doesn't want him anywhere near the sport -- spoiler alert: things didn't exactly end well for Apollo -- he yearns to box, seeking out a retired Rocky Balboa to train him.

Deadline reports that "Creed" intends to maintain the mythology of the first three "Rocky" films, and continue the story from that point forward. Apollo Creed and Rocky were great foes before becoming best friends later on in the series, and it appears "Creed" will touch on that rough start through Rocky's initial resistance to getting back into the sport.

Despite the goofiness that the series evokes, the first "Rocky" film won the Best Picture Oscar and is considered a classic; Coogler and Jordan are already getting Oscar buzz of their own for the much-lauded "Fruitvale Station," so their association with another prestigious project seems like a natural fit. We're eager to see how this film comes together. Stay tuned.

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