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From Kickstarter to Comic-Con, "Veronica Mars" fans have had a lot of good news lately for the big-screen adaptation of the cult TV series. Now fans are one step closer to the movie, as it wrapped production in Los Angeles early Tuesday.

The still-untitled film became a reality in March when show creator Rob Thomas brought the project idea to Kickstarter and raised $5.7 million from over 90,000 backers. Fans and donors alike finally got a reward at Comic-Con last weekend, when a trailer and behind-the-scenes footage debuted during the convention.

The UPN/CW show, which ran for three seasons, ending in 2007, starred Kristen Bell as Veronica, a teen detective who solves mysteries with the help of her father. In the feature film, Veronica is now a big New York lawyer who returns to her California hometown to attend her high school reunion.

The movie, which was shot in just 23 days, is set for release next year.

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