Actor Neil Patrick Harris ("Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,""Starship Troopers,""Smurfs 2") is Moviefone's Guest Editor from July 25 - 31. Look for more videos from him, including his Six-Second Review of "Smurfs 2," throughout the week.
Neil Patrick Harris: 5 Movies That Shaped My Childhood
neil patrick harris 5 movies that shaped my childhood
Neil Patrick Harris is a self-proclaimed "Goonie Looney." Who knew?!

The Moviefone Guest Editor sat down to share the five movies he was obsessed with as a kid, and we have to say, it explains a lot. In a good way.

"Loved the movie 'Goonies' growing up. 'Goonies' has to be number one," he reveals. "I called myself a 'Goonie Looney,' which I thought was clever because it rhymed."

From "The Goonies" to "Raiders of the Lost Ark," there's a definite trend in the kind of movies he loved as a kid. "I seemed to like movies that have to do with obstacle courses and things," he explains.

Harris's heart didn't belong to just '80s movies, however. A certain movie from the early '70s struck his fancy -- and may have scarred him for life.

"I was also a big fan of 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.' Who wasn't?" he adds. "It's not really a kids movie. When they're in the chocolate tunnel, and then they're showing all the images on the walls, including chopping a head off a chicken. That's scarring material. But I'm kind of scarred that way."

However, there's one comedy that he loved so much he wishes his house was modeled after its most important character. Sorry, we're not going to give that one away. You'll have to watch the video above to solve the mystery.

You can catch Goonie Looney Neil Patrick Harris in his latest obsession, "Smurfs 2," when it hits theaters July 31.

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