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On the occasion of Kate Beckinsale's 40th birthday (she was born July 26, 1973, in Finsbury Park in London), we could celebrate many things about the actress: Her unsung performance in "Snow Angels," the fact that her hair always looks amazing, the way she rocked the leather in those "Underworld" movies, or her exquisite eye-rolls. (As at 9:30 in this "Emma" clip.)

But one of our favorite (or, as she would say, "favourite") things about her is her way with words. The English language just sounds better when it's being served up with that crisp British accent of hers. And even when she's adopting another accent, we have to admire her delivery. (But not so much the Romanian accent in "Van Helsing.")

Here's our list of 10 words that sound way better when Kate Beckinsale says them:

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