GravityWarner Bros.

The recent trailers for Alfonso Cuaron's space thriller "Gravity" have given us nothing but crippling anxiety.

Earlier this week we saw Sandra Bullock's Dr. Stone, an astronaut, helplessly swing from her damaged space station and get tossed out into space all alone. The nerve-racking tension continues in this latest two-minute clip, in which Bullock and George Clooney struggle to grab onto each other after debris hits their shuttle. Bullock frantically reaches after Clooney, saying, "I've got you," but he slips from her fingers as the clip suddenly ends.

Before, we saw Bullock lost in space, but now it looks like Clooney's about to drift solo. Check out the teaser below for a some heart-pounding terror -- and a reminder of why you should never go into space.

"Gravity" will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September. It opens in IMAX and IMAX 3D on October 4.

[via Indiewire]