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Shailene Woodley filmed her first-ever sex scene for the teen dramedy "The Spectacular Now," out next Friday, and according to the 21-year-old actress, it's her favorite scene in the indie.

In an appearance on "The View" on July 24, Woodley praised the film as "the most authentic coming-of-age movie that we've had in 20 years" -- and the moment in which her character, Aimee, loses her virginity to Miles Teller's Sutter is a big part of that. "It's my favorite scene in the whole movie because it is so real," she gushed.

Apparently, it's uncomfortably real. "[I]t almost feels like you're invading somebody's privacy," Woodley said. "There's not fancy music playing and there's not any exaggeration of what it's like to be intimate with somebody for possibly the first time. It's also just a minute-long shot of us making love."

The sex scene is just one of several true-to-life aspects of the film, which follows Aimee and Sutter as they strike up an unlikely romance. "There's zits!" Woodley exclaimed of Aimee's fresh-faced look.

"The Spectacular Now," which received the Special Jury Award for Acting at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, opens August 2.

[via "The View" h/t Us Weekly]
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