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What's a superhero without his (or her) super-charged vehicle?

This week, Wolverine, that mysterious, ageless X-man with the adamantium claws, returns to theaters in "The Wolverine," a Japan-set tale of revenge and redemption. If it's one thing that Wolverine loves, even more than his beloved Jean Grey, it's his ride -- whether it's two wheels or four, Wolverine is something of a gear head. Sure he has mutant powers but that doesn't mean he doesn't like to cruise in style.

In thinking about Wolverine and his love of fine automobiles, we decided to run down eight of the coolest superhero vehicles (at least in the movies). These are cars that have vroomed into the collective imagination with all the turbo-charged, fuel-injected velocity of Wolverine's "speedball special" (that's when Colossus throws him at something and that "something" dies a few seconds later).

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The Wolverine
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