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Who knew a crazy story about a bug crawling out of one's ear could be upstaged?

Ashton Kutcher did just that on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night, when he became seriously grossed out by "Glee" star Jayma Mays's squirm-inducing anecdote.

It all started out innocently enough, with Mays explaining that she went to the doctor once to get a pain in her ear checked out. After the doctor speculated it could be a burst eardrum, the nurse administered some drops. Suddenly, Mays recalled, the nurse "goes, 'Oh, oh, oh,' and starts backing away. ... And I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, are my brains coming out?'"

Not brains, but something else equally as gnarly. "When she put the drops in my ear, it started to drown the insect that was living in there, so it climbed out of my ear," Mays said.

Yes, the insect living in her ear.

Cue Ashton's amazing reaction, which is actually pretty similar to our own:

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