Matt Damon wakes up on the cyborg dark side in the following clip from "Elysium," Neill Blomkamp's upcoming dystopian epic.

In this latest film from the South African director, most famous for 2009's "District 9," Earth is a hellhole, and the wealthiest echelon of society has decamped to a utopic space station called Elysium. Diagnosed with the Big C after a factory accident, Earth-bound Damon sets out to break into the distant Eden to get cured.

Standing in his way is Elysium leader Secretary Delacourt, played to she-devil perfection by Jodie Foster -- in a role initially intended as a male lead.

Blomkamp also once had a different vision for Damon's character, offering the part to two rappers first -- Die Antwoord's Ninja, then Eminem -- before settling on the "Bourne" star. Damon is full-on badass in the movie trailers, so we're glad the director underwent a change of heart.

"Elysium" breaks into theaters August 9.

[via Indiewire]
'Elysium' Movie Trailer

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