Animal HouseEverett

It's hard to believe it's been 35 years since the release of "Animal House" (on July 28, 1978). That's about long enough for the original cast's grandchildren to become college freshmen and fraternity pledges. It's also time enough for the movie to have become an institution and cornerstone of the pop culture landscape.

Indeed, "Animal House" has never really gone away; it remains ubiquitous, both as a cable TV staple and as the most influential comedy of the last 35 years. It made a star of John Belushi and gave Kevin Bacon (and several other stars) a first big career break; it popularized the snobs-vs.-slobs and loss-of-virginity/coming-of-age plots that countless other films have copied; it set new standards (lows?) for gross-out humor; it introduced the National Lampoon brand to filmmaking; and it taught generations of college kids how to throw toga parties and how to dance to the Isley Brothers' "Shout."

It's fitting to do a "Where Are They Now?" look at the cast, since the movie ends with one of the most famous "Where Are They Now?" sequences in film history. Unlike the characters, no one behind the making of the film became a senator or a gynecologist or a Universal Studios tour guide, but their careers did take some interesting twists and turns.

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