bruce willis does another awkward interview
Bruce Willis is really letting himself go.

The star seems to have completely given up on promoting his latest movie, "Red 2." First, he checked out of a British radio interview, telling the host, "This part is not acting, what we're doing right now ... We're just selling the film now. Sales."

And now he's gone and done an even weirder press op for the British morning show "Daybreak," sitting down with host Kate Garraway while dressed in a white bathrobe. (Does Willis just not like the United Kingdom?)

To be fair, the bathrobe was over a nice dress shirt and slacks. Maybe Willis spilled coffee on himself just before the interview? We'll never know, as he never addresses his unusual attire during the sit-down. He is much more pleasant on "Daybreak" than on the radio show, though his answers are slow and somewhat rambling.

Garraway manages to keep herself together (even though, just a few months ago, Willis spat water on the floor during another interview with the TV host). But her colleagues in the studio can't resist joking about the actor's strange behavior.

"He's quite eccentric though I think," says presenter Helen Fospero.

[via Daily Mail UK]
Bruce Willis Gives Awkward Interview