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A flood of teasers, trailers, and clips previewing "Elysium" have already hit the Internet, yet each new bite just gets us more and more excited for Neill Blomkamp's follow-up to "District 9."

Now there's a brand-new extended trailer, clocking in at nearly four minutes, featuring some new footage and our best looks yet at Jodie Foster, Alice Braga, and Sharlto Copley.

Of course, star Matt Damon figures most prominently in the trailer. Like previously released videos, it explains that "humanity is divided between two worlds" -- Earth, where regular people live, and a space station called Elysium, where the rich and privileged dwell.

The new preview lays out the story more clearly than ever: Damon's character, Max, gets zapped with radiation while working in a factory. He'll die in a few days, unless he can get to the elusive Elysium. With the help of a friend (Diego Luna), Max is outfitted with an exoskeleton that gives him superhero-like powers. We also get more looks at Braga's sympathetic doctor, Foster's stern presidential figure on the space station, and Copley's badass military boss.

And as with "District 9," there are flashes of wry humor as well as some eye-popping action sequences.

"Elysium" blasts into theaters August 9.
'Elysium' Movie Trailer
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