Johnny Knoxville is bad to the bone!

The "Jackass" star goes all out in the franchise's next movie, "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa," opening October 25. Knoxville reprises the character of Irving Zisman, a foul-mouthed senior citizen who gets his grandson Billy into all sorts of mischief.

A new trailer gives us a sneak peek at the wild and crazy shenanigans that Knoxville (wearing makeup and prosthetics) gets into while pranking unsuspecting people.

"Are we going to get in trouble for this?" the 8-year-old Billy asks as Grandpa stuffs some supermarket items down his pants.

"They won't notice a thing. That's how it looks most of the time anyway," Irving says.

The trailer shows Knoxville's Grandpa crashing into a penguin statue, toppling over a champagne tower, and knocking over a coffin -- with a body inside! But the most outrageous moment happens toward the end, when little Billy dresses up as a girl and enters into a pageant. Two words: stripper pole.

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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
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