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Three black men -- Akeem Monsalvatge, Derrick Dunkley, and Edward Byam -- reportedly used Ben Affleck's 2010 heist movie "The Town" as inspiration when they allegedly knocked over a New York check-cashing store last year, making off with $200,000.

According to the Daily Mail, the trio copped a number of details from the movie in their alleged robbery of the Pay-O-Matic on Valentine's Day 2012 -- and even did a couple of things more cleverly than the thieves in Affleck's Boston-set caper.

Brooklyn prosecutors have submitted, as part of the trial, which is currently underway, evidence of one of the alleged thieves wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a scene from the film. They say that the three men showed a clerk at the Pay-O-Matic a photo of her house, to prove that they were "serious," as Ben Affleck's character does in the opening sequence of "The Town." They also apparently used bleach to try to clean up their DNA evidence and dressed as New York City cops, which are additional specifics from the movie.

Where the alleged robbers improved upon the source material is that instead of wearing masks that were quite obviously masks, they reportedly paid a company called Composite Effects over $2,000 for lifelike masks that made them appear to be white. (Witnesses claim they had no idea the men, who covered their hands with gloves and eyes with sunglasses, were black.) The company had recently done work for "2 Guns" and "The Wolverine," and Byam reportedly sent the company an email thanking them for the "realism of the mask."

It appears that all of their tough-guy posturing is what ultimately got them caught, though: The photograph of the clerk's home was traced back to a Walgreen's where it was developed. Police were then able to obtain Byam's phone number from the receipt. And the reported email to the effects company was quickly utilized to tie him to the crime.

And, as Frances McDormand's character says in "Fargo": For what? For a little bit of money? Well, yes, and also, apparently, to prove that they're "The Town's" #1 fans.

[via Daily Mail UK]
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