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Another day, another piece of "Star Wars" gossip. With Disney barreling toward a 2015 release for J.J. Abrams's "Episode VII," the rumor mill has gone into hyperdrive.

Now comes speculation from fan site Jedi News (via SlashFilm) that filming for "Star Wars: Episode VII" will begin next month at Pinewood Studios in London. A source dishes that Disney has booked the cavernous space (home to the James Bond films, several "Harry Potter" movies," and "Les Miserables") for the next 10 years.

Pre-production has been underway for months, says the source, under the pseudonym title "Foodles." A fake title is fairly standard for high-profile projects; "Return of the Jedi" was filmed under the name "Blue Harvest."

If all the future "Star Wars" movies -- and there will be one every year after "Episode VII" -- will have food-related titles, we'd like to suggest our own: "Breakin' Bread 2: Electric Yoda-loo."

[via Jedi News h/t SlashFilm]
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