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If you think losing that extra five pounds you gained from summer barbecues is hard, imagine shedding 47 pounds.

That's what Matthew McConaughey had to do for his role in "Dallas Buyers Club." He plays Ron Woodroof, a real-life Texas man who got HIV in the 1980s and smuggled in non-FDA-approved drugs from Mexico as treatment.

"I really was intrigued by this wild, almost redneck Texan who was trying to be Scarface -- drug-smuggling, dealing, and rolling in the cash, trying to stay alive," McConaughey told People, which has two stills from the film. "He was a badass."

McConaughey wasn't the only actor who starved himself for the movie; co-star Jared Leto lost 30 pounds to play Woodroof's transsexual friend.

When filming wrapped, McConaughey went all-out for his first big meal: a cheeseburger with "extra mayo, extra jalapenos, extra dill pickles, and extra ketchup!"

"Dallas Buyers Club" opens December 6.

[via People]
Matthew McConaughey on His Weight Loss for The Dallas Buyers Club