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Seemingly nothing can stop the "Transformers" franchise, so next summer we will be blessed with "Transformers 4," this time starring Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammer, T.J. Miller, Titus Welliver, and Stanley Tucci. The movie is currently filming in Detroit, with the city standing in for Hong Kong -- and some amateur footage of the urban set has confirmed the inevitable: There will be lots and lots of explosions.

Both videos (via Deadline) are pretty similar, showing a familiar yellow Chevy Camaro zigzagging through war-torn "Hong Kong" city streets, while some fairly sizable explosions go off. It's cool to watch, especially as you eye Bay and his small, commando-like unit of cinematographers, grips, and electricians race after the action. (That's no 3D camera, folks, get ready for some post-conversion fun.)

But imagine if you were hanging out in downtown Detroit or working in an adjacent office building and looked outside your window to see massive fireballs and debris rise into the afternoon sky? It would be terrifying! Hasn't Detroit had enough problems recently?

Bay, whose last film was this year's black comedy triumph "Pain & Gain," will be done with the franchise after this installment. "Transformers 4" will be out on June 27, 2014, or, if you live in Detroit, look outside your window. They're probably leveling a building right now.

The movie, which was reportedly given $20 million in state incentives to film in Michigan, will continue production in Detroit and other locations through August 10.

[via Deadline, Fox Detroit]

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