FAST  FURIOUS 6, Vin Diesel, 2013. /©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett CollectionUniversal

Without car chases, what would action movies be? Boring, that's what.

The intense passenger-dodging, the adrenaline-inducing swerves, and totally unrealistic freeway pursuits are sometimes the best (and most fun) parts of our favorite action flicks.

Living vicariously through the likes of Vin Diesel and Steve McQueen, we play out our "Grand Theft Auto" fantasies as they chase down the bad guys and flee the cops. To celebrate these many crazy cinematic chases, we narrowed down the scenes that made us grip our seats the tightest and drop our jaws the most. Ranging from classic two-car pursuits to the utterly ridiculous (tanks, torpedoes, and Toys R Us -- you'll see), these chases have it all, and then some.