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After the "Harry Potter" franchise ended, Emma Watson was ready to leave Hollywood behind, following media speculation about whether or not she had a future in acting. The actress revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that it was the world's obsession over her future plans that initially put her off of the profession, leading her to take some time off to attend Brown University.

"For a while I kind of bought into the hype of, 'Will [I] ever be able to play anything else?' It gave me a sense of paralysis and stage fright for a while," Watson said. "And then a professor told me that they didn't think I should act, either. So I was really grappling with it and wasn't feeling good about it. .... [I]t got so bad and people had put me in a box so much that it started pissing me off. I suddenly wanted to prove them wrong. It gave me fuel, in a way."

Watson said the tides on her acting ambivalence turned when she got the script for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," leading her to dive back into her career.

"I was really unsure, but then I read the script for 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower,' and falling in love with that and then having such a great experience on that movie kind of sealed the deal for me," she said. "I stopped intellectualizing it, and it became much more instinctual. I just got the bug and got very driven all of a sudden, which I really wasn't before. But I'm so happy. It's all felt very new to me, really."

For more on Watson's thoughts on acting, check out the interview at EW.com.

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