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While it's unclear whether or not director J.J. Abrams will be returning to the Enterprise for the next installment of the rebooted "Star Trek" franchise, one director is definitely not interested in the job. Neill Blomkamp revealed in a recent interview that he doesn't want to helm the movie because he would have little control over the final product.

"Would I be able to make the 'Star Trek' film I want? Probably not, and therefore I have no desire to make it," Blomkamp told Danish website Filmz.

While the "District 9" and "Elysium" director has the necessary sci-fi and action chops to take on the "Trek" series, Blomkamp is well known for his focus on telling original stories. That was the reason he turned down the opportunity to helm "Star Wars: Episode VII," also citing the fact that there would be too much pressure to live up to existing expectations for the franchise.

Blomkamp's longtime cinematographer, Trent Opaloch, told Variety that Blomkamp has had many similar opportunities over the years, but has stayed true to his own vision.

"I've seen some insane, absolute dream projects come across his table," Opaloch said of Blomkamp. "Studios that have thrown this stuff at him, huge opportunities. It's just not his thing. ... With Neill, knowing him as I do, the default [answer] is, 'No, why would I do that?' He's got a channel for telling his own stories with his own characters. And that's just who he is as a person. I think that's really, really cool. It's pretty inspiring, actually."

Blomkamp's latest, "Elysium," hits theaters August 9.

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