Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - Clip No. 1
If your dad is Poseidon and you ask him for a lift, odds are he's not going to send a boat.

If you're at all familiar with the "Percy Jackson" series (shame on you if you're not), then you know that it's a world full of gods, demigods, and magical creatures -- good and bad. Today, Moviefone is giving you an exclusive, extended glimpse at one of the magical creatures featured in the upcoming "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," and it's a good thing this one's siding with the good guys.

In the clip above, Percy (Logan Lerman) and his fellow demigods -- those are half-men/half-gods for you laymen -- need a lift across a wide expanse of sea. Luckily, one of those demigods is Douglas Smith's Tyson (the other is the loyal Annabeth, played by Alexandra Daddario), Percy's half-brother and son of Poseidon, who asks dear old dad to hook the trio up with a sweet ride. And what a ride it is. Up out of the briny blue comes the majestic "hippocampus," a sparkling sea horse with a bit of an attitude.

In "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," the follow-up to 2010's "Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief" Percy and his pals head to the Sea of Monsters in search of the Golden Fleece, the only thing that can save their beloved refuge, Camp Half-Blood.

See the hippocampus and more goose bump-inciting beasts when "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" hits theaters August 7.
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters- Trailer No. 1
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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
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