This week, the big-budget sci-fi spectacular "Elysium" opens across the planet. The tale of an orbiting space station that houses the world's elite, while the everyday folk suffer on a post-apocalyptic earth, is the kind of high-minded, pulse-quickening entertainment that we've come to expect from our summer films but rarely get.
While the movie features Matt Damon as the desperate would-be savior for the human race, it's a character called Kruger, played by Sharlto Copley, who really steals the show. A mercenary-minded bounty hunter who seems to be modeled after Boba Fett and a handful of notable serial killers, Kruger goes after Damon's Max DeCosta by literally following him to the end of the earth.

This got us thinking about our favorite movie villains -- the ones we really love to hate (and hate to admit loving). Check out our 10 favorites below.

Elysium - Extended Trailer
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